How large is the carbon footprint of delivered flowers?



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    While it is almost impossible to determine the specific carbon footprint of delivered flowers (as each bouquet would be different), the morst important thing to know is that cut and delivered flowers are not a very eco-friendly gift option (generally).  Most flowers delivered and sold in the US are grown outside of our borders.  Many countries still permit the use of very harmful pesticides such as DDT that are outlawed in the US.  These pesticies hurt the environment.  On top of that, flowers often travel a long way to make it to florists, and then are shipped even more to be delivered to recipients.  Clearly, flowers have a bigger carbon footprint than you might otherwise assume.  If you are set on getting someone flowers, consider ordering them from a local company that specializes in organic flowers.

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    One vase of flowers has a carbon footprint of about 5 pounds of CO2, according to the article below.  What does 5 pounds of CO2 mean exactly?  A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) or greenhouse gasses emitted into the environment.  It is measured in pounds of carbon dioxide whenever a carbon-emitting activity is performed.  This includes the fuel needed to transport the flowers by air (80% of cut flowers in AMerica are imported from Ecuador and Columbia), any chemicals that are used to treat the flowers after harvesting, and any pesticides used while growing the flowers.  I would suggest buying a potted plant, or buying only organically grown local flowers.  See the attached links for more information on carbon footprints, and the affect flowers have on our environment.

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