How large can raccoons get?



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    Typically, raccoons in the wild grow to be about 8 to 20 lbs.  However, there are raccoons in captivity that have grown to be as heavy as 60 to 70 lbs.  It should be noted that raccons in the wild seldom grow older than 3 years old, while raccoons in captive have lived as long as 20.  This should be taken into account when determining how the captive raccoons got so large.

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    Raccoons are 23.75 to 37.5 inches long and weigh 4 to 23 pounds. They are the size of a small to medium sized dog. Raccoons live all over North and Central America. They will eat just about anything, including frogs, mice, eggs, fruit, plants, and, of course, contents from people’s garbage cans. 

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