How to keep the nervous system healthy



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    Providing nutritional support for your nervous system is important.  Eating healthy fats and getting adequete amounts of vitamin D and vitmin B12 are essential to “maintaining optimal myelin and nervous system health,” myelin being the insulation that allows your nervous system to send signals to and from your body.  Another way to fine tune your nervous system is to spend at least 5 minutes a day writing on paper “as neatly as you can,” a task which requires concentrated use of your fine motor skills.

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    Cannabinoids such as THC bind to cannabinoid-1 receptors in the brain.  When the cannabinoid-1 receptors were deactivated in mice brains, the signs of aging and brain deterioration were increased. However, when they were reactivated, the signs decreased. Cannabinoids have been found to prevent brain deterioration in mice. This suggests that THC might help protect human brains from degenerative disorders as well.

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    Vitamin B-12, known as Cobalamin, is necessary for a healthy nervous system. Other benefits of cobalmin intake are production of red blood cells and proper physical growth and development.

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