How is it possible to “fake” a fossil?



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    The most famous “fake fossil”, Piltdown Man, was claimed to be the skull of an evolutionary precursor to man, but was in fact a fossilized human skull with the jaw replaced with a fossilized ape jaw. This is one way to fake a fossil; use real fossils but combine them in “fake” ways, or otherwise misrepresent actual period materials.

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    Fake fossil scams have been seen throughout history; fake fossils are made, buried then fraudulently discovered by scientists looking to further their careers.  In Sussex England 1912, a forgery early human skull was discovered.  The “Orce man” discovered in Southern Spain, was another fraudulent fossil hailed to be the oldest known fossilized human remain; later it came out, it was actually a skull fragment from a 4 month old donkey.  Fossils have been forged by construction from plaster of paris or cement.

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