How is it possible for any company to shirk environmental laws and get away with it for so many years?

I know Chevron is a wealthy company whose interests are not in favor of sustainable fuel, but is one man who the company chose the only person regulating their activities? If so, why?



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    Many countries, including the United States, don’t regulate businesses very much at all.  This is partially thanks to the work of an economist named Milton Friedman, who in the 1980s argued that if industry was left unregulated, it would lead to swift economic growth. He was right about the growth; the 80s and 90s were a period of prosperity and many countries adopted his model.

    But he also argued that businesses would be able to regulate themselves, and here he was wrong. The lack of regulation lead to a lot of corporate abuse.  Many argue that Friedman’s deregulation policies contributed to the current economic collapse, although there’s a lot of debate on this issue. 

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