How is it possible that 79% of the oil in the gulf still remains but the government has made it seem like the oil has almost completely dispersed or degraded?

Background: this is according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Georgia.



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    This is currently a hotly debated issue in the science field.  There are professionals and researchers on both sides of the argument stating evidence and fact.  This is when science becomes muddled due to political influence and grant money, and this is when the public becomes confused and misinformed about very serious issues.

    The claim by the government is passable in the public eye because we are no longer confronted with the sight of oil slicks and soaked animals every day in the media.  The media has largely moved on, and so has the government.  It is time to repair the environmental image and oil expansion potential of the USA in the eyes of the government, the clean up is done and we can move on… This is naive and shortsighted.  The long term affects of this oil are yet to be seen.  There is still high concentrations of oil underneath the surface layer of the water, they have found oil as far down as 3,300 feet in the Gulf area, and large amounts of crude have washed into coastal wetlands.  We cannot let this pass just yet, we need to continue research, continue the push for stricter oil drilling regulations, not accept that these spills are just a natural casualty of drilling, and continue the push for new renewable energy development. 

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