How involved is Obama at the Copenhagen Summit?



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    He wasn’t involved enough. WE weren’t involved enough. United States industry cannot suffer the hit that enacting the climate change legislation that will save the world (and make polluting a heavily taxed offense—so companies will be forced to invest in cleaner technologies, this would cause their profits to stall or all be spent in the short term—some companies would not be able to recover and would be forced out of the market: Most notably, the oil companies, the plastic manufacturing industry, and perhaps some car companies as well—it’s a scary thought, because what would all these workers do? Would they be able to get involved in the Green Revolution as well?)… so Obama kind of did his thing, and gave a speech, and made some valid points, but he did not really push for anything to be passed (because we cannot yet do this—) There is still much more thinking and research to be done….

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