How is India planning on doubling its forest coverage?



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    India plans to invest in not only afforestation, or the planting of new forests, but by working to restore existing forests, scrubs, grasslands, wetlands and other habitats that have become degraded.

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    The Green India Mission is planning to double the area of afforestation to 20 million hectares by 2020. It will cost Rs 44,000 crore. The first year of the mission will focus on institution building, sensitization, capacity building, and baseline research. The second year will focus on field operations.

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    Clearing of the forest cover has a contrary effect on the environment. It Causes an increase in the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases in the environment. Afforestation is the term used for the process of creating a forest on land where there is no forest or where no forest has existed for long time.

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