How important is it for developed countries to help developing countries build their infrastructure in an efficient matter?



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    There are many instances in which developing countries take directions that are damaging to the environment in order to aid their development. A country with a growing population may use “bio-manipulation” to boost the yield in the food chain to support a growing population. Common things like the extensive use of coal is also taking its toll. In a lot of the recent environmental talks, developing countries like China have tried to make sure their emissions cuts were more conservative than other countries to aid their development. Climate change is not quite threatening enough for the rest of the world where the larger companies will still be pretty hands off with developing countries while they develop, so the developing countries likely will still grow in an inefficient manner.

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    This is a great question! It is important to understand that all countries (underdeveloped, developed, and developing) need a healthy balance between self-sufficiency and interdependency. In other words, the quality of life of people is directly affected by economic, political, environmental, and social/cultural stability. With that said, developed countries need to help developing (and underdeveloped) countries progress towards self-sufficiency by promoting infrastructure and other developments. This not only benefits the developing (and underdeveloped) countries, this also helps developed countries because developed countries depend on less-developed countries for imports and exports. Developed countries should see that helping developing/underdeveloped countries as an economic benefit as well as a respect for ethics and appreciation of life and resources. In fact, according to the World Bank, developing countries could very likely help speed up a global recovery from the economic crisis if they are given more power in the global economy.

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