How important is education in stopping the climate change problem?



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    Here’s a previous answer that may be useful:

    Generally, the more informed a person is regarding something, the more concerned they are likely to be. Thus it’s necessary to ensure that students of all ages are aware of the concept. The next generations don’t have to follow what’s entrenched in our economy and how we approach environmental issues – if they’re adequately educated, they can pursue policies and initiatives that reduce the human causes of global climate change.

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    As stated by ajbry it is important for people to be aware. Education is an essential aspect of bringing upon any kind of change. When it comes to the environment, the more people know, the more likely they are to help. Teaching students about environmental issues and how they can make an impact will be very helpful in solving some of the problems. Even teaching them the basics, recycling, using less water, not wasting paper, turning off electricity when it is not being used, once someone is aware that their actions make in impact they can be more aware. 

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    I’m of the opinion that educating people is the most important thing we can do to slow climate change. After all, it is our daily activity that is the cause of the rapid change in climate. Teaching people the effects of what they do is the first step towards changing things, first of all because if you just tell someone not to do something without explaining to them why, they probably won’t do it for very long, if at all. Secondly, it is going to take a majority to create new policy that will help slow climate change; to create a majority, people will need to know the specifics of what is actually happening so that environmental policy can be seen outside of the context of political party bias.

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