How important do you think it is to stop global warming?



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    I think it is better for environmentalists to put other issues as higher priorities until the climate change theory has better science behind it.  While many on this site won’t agree, there is still not a consensus about the science behind climate change.

    Environmentalists are better off focusing on the fisheries crisis, reducing fossil fuel use, and sustainability/

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    I think it is more important to fix the causes of Global Climate Change, than trying to figure out how to specifically cool the Earth off. 

    Even if it turns it the science is wrong (though I find that highly doubtful) we’ll still enjoy cleaner air, water, and waste less. Even if the temperature stays the same, a dirty, oily, sooty  planet bereft of healthy life is just not worth having.

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    I would have to strongly disagree with the first poster, on both accounts. Firstly, climate change itself is not debated – our planet is heating up, and has been since the 19th century. It is the causes of this change, specifically the degree to which it may be anthropogenic – caused by humans – that is debated (by a minority).

    Evidence for the heating of the planet:

    From NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

    From NASA:

    The NAVY:

    National Geographic:

    The EPA:

    The IPCC:


    Secondly, there  is scientific consensus regarding the science behind climate change. This does not mean that every single scientist agrees as to the exact causes of climate change. As with almost all scientific theories, and especially so in the case of a theory as all-encompassing as global climate change, there exists a majority (consensus) opinion, and there exists several minority opinions. The current majority opinion is that increased greenhouse gas emissions is a key driver of climate change. For more information on scientific consensus, see the Oreskes study (hyperlinked above), which sampled 928 papers on climate change and found that 75% accepted the science of climate change and 25% offered no opinion. No paper sampled disagreed. 

    So, given all that, I would say that stopping climate change is hugely important. As tutt47 states, addressing the each root cause of climate change specifically is probably the best course of action.

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    I must agree that I believe that climate change is an important issue, and there is a lot of science behind it, however I must also agree that to be an active environmentalist means that you must look beyond the headlines of climate change and look at other things that are equally disastrous.

    As important as climate change is, sustainability and drinking water is in my opinion are just as important and must also be considered in relevance to climate change. The good thing about environmental science is that everything is connected. By focusing on one aspect, other aspects are ALWAYS effected. For example if we look to be more sustainable in our fossil fuel use, we can in turn be encouraging reversing effects of environmental warming. Small ideas can lead to massive change, either better or worse.

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