How important is the bark of a tree to its survival?



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    Surprisingly you may eat a bark for your survival! A tree bark is a safe and nutritious wild food as long as you eat the right kind of bark from the right kind of tree. The bark section for food is known to be the cambium layer, which can be found in the woods when patiently searched. 

    Many generations ago, people have been using tree bark as medicine and food. Native American cultures use bark from pine tree to eat as eidble food. According to survival outdoor life blog, “In Sweden and Finland, Pine bark bread has been made for centuries from rye flour, with the toasted and ground inner layer of pine bark added.” 

    Each pound of bark tree contains about 500-600 calories. It has a bitter taste (depends on which species of trees you eat from); but it is very appetizing if added with the right ingredients when cooked well. 

    The species of trees that we can eat from are pines, slippery elm, black birch, yellow birch, red spruce, black spruce, balsam fir and tamarack. Most pines species in North America are edible to eat! 

    Also instead of eating the bark trees; you can make tea out of them too. You an use pine needles to cook and convert them in to tea. Becareful though, pine needle tea can harm unborn babies and loblolly pine should be avoided to make into tea at all times. 

    For more inofrmation on how to prepare the tree barks and tea check out the citation. 

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