How important are rainforests in regulating the climate?



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    Rainforests are extremely important. It is known as a carbon sink. An entity that offsets human emissions. One hectare (2.471 acres) of rainforest can neutralize, through absorption, one ton of carbon dioxide per year. There is less than 2 Billion acres left, around half of the original 4 Billion. That converts to about 809,371,284,480 Tons of CO2 absorbed each year.

    During their destruction the carbon dioxide they absorb is released. The slash and burn clearing of rainforests account for almost 1/4th of all CO2 emitted by humans.

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      So sorry, google conversions failed me and I didn’t double check. Two Billion Acres translates to 809,371,284 hectares. Thus 809,371,284 Tons of CO2 are neutralized each year.

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