How I get my family to start recycling more?



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    Bribe them.

    But if you don’t want to do that, make it easy for them. Put the receptacle for recycling right next to the trash can, or move the trash can somewhere where it’s harder to get to, like Google did: If you have school-age kids, you could have them do the carry-around-your-trash-for-a-week assignment (, and if your kids are younger, you can let them have the nickel rebates from bottles if they help you take them to the store. You can always figure out where the nearest dump is in your town, and ask to pay a visit. If people understand that their garbage is contributing to a larger problem, they’re more likely to want to change.

    Also, there are great activities here:

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    Create the opportunity to recycle for them. Next to your trash area place a few other containers for materials such as, paper, plastic, glass and tin. Then when a member of your family goes to place an item in the trash, they will have the chance to place the item in another container, which will keep your home’s recycling organized.

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    Having the recycling containers available to them is key. Using the money you get back from recycling for fun family outings is a good way to do encourage them to recycle more. Education is a big part of it as well. Make sure your family knows the reasons why it’s important to recycle.

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