How I can encourage bees to come to my garden?



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    Planting flowers that are native to the area is important to attract local bees. The best colors are yellow, white, blue, violet, and purple. You should make sure to provide a variety of colors and shapes, and planting them in clumps of four feet or more in diameter will attract more bees than scattering the flowers. Another tip is to have plants that flower during different seasons so that you can attract bees that fly at different times during the year.

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    Another tip is to stop the use of pesticides in your garden. The chemicals are harmful to all insects and will prevent bees from pollinating, so try to garden organically. Also, gardens that are messy and have weeds mixed in are more attractive to bees than well-manicured setups. Bees also like a few patches of bare soil that they can burrow into. It is also suggested that you make a little watering hole for bees–fill a ceramic dish with wet sand and stick it in the ground. Bees like water, but can’t really drink from bird baths. See below for more ideas.

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    Also, if you are desperate for pollinators, you can rent bees from bee keepers. They bring their bee houses to your property and the bees will pollinate their surroundings. 

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    Set up nice fresh honey. Also maybe some pretty flowers. That should attract bees.

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    This is simple.  Plant some bee-friendly plants.  Google bee-friendly plants and you will get a list.  Choose those plants which thrive in your temperature zone.

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