How is Hyundai planning on reaching a 50 MPG fleet?



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    As part of its “Blue Drive” efficiency strategy announced in 2008, Hyundai says it will meet the federally-mandated 35 mpg fleet average economy requirement by 2015 (5 years earlier than required by law), AND achieve a fleet-wide efficiency of 50 MPG by 2025.

    Part of Hyundai’s pledge has to do with technological innovation, while another part of it has to do with the nature of its fleet in the first place. It will be introducing a wide range of new engine technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption –  including turbocharging, direct-injection, the use of lightweight materials, and both traditional and plug-in hybrids. Furthermore, since Hyundai does not offer heavier vehicles (such as pick-ups or body-on-frame SUV models), it has fewer elements in its fleet that will weigh negatively on its average efficiency than other automakers.

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