How hot does it have to be to use a solar cooker?



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    So long as it’s well-designed, a solar oven can cook food any time there’s sun, regardless of the air temperature.  Of course it does take more time for the oven to heat up (since it’s starting from such a low temperature) and would thus take an impractical amount of time to cook certain items, so using a solar oven in cold weather isn’t quite as practical.  But it can be done.

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    Since solar ovens are using the sun’s energy, not its heat, it doesn’t matter what the outside temperature is. In fact, the makers of Sun Oven claim that it works even in sub-zero weather. The first link below details the different types of cookers and how they each work specifically. Basically though, all solar cookers work by converting the sun’s energy into heat energy using dark areas that absorb heat and reflective surfaces to increase the amount of sunlight that reaches these spots.

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