How high does your blood sugar have to be before you need to start worrying?



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    A doctor can test a person’s glucose level several different ways.  A random blood glucose test for an average adult should range between 70-135.  A random test means that there were no restrictions of what time or what food the person ate.  Another test is a fasting blood sugar.  For fasting blood sugar tests the level should be around 83 mg/dl, but many doctor’s consider under 100 mg/dl acceptable.  If there is any concern, the best thing to do is speak with a doctor.  By catching high blood sugars early it may prevent from becoming diabetic by changing diet and exercise habits. 

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    I would recommend taking a preemptive approach as waiting for a doctor to tell you that your blood sugar levels are concerning may put you at a significant health risk for diabetes, hyperglycemia – a major contributor to complications in diabetes patients and known to be correlated with heart disease risk, and others. In general, high consumption of sugar on a regular basis will derail effects of insulin (produced by the pancreas, the hormone regulates blood glucose levels and allows cells to use sugar for energy), resulting in either diabetes 1 (your body not producing enough insulin) or diabetes 2 (a developed cell resistance to your body’s insulin). If you don’t have a genetic predisposition for diabetes and can take preventative steps like cutting down your daily sugar intake and incorporating some form of exercise, you will be thanking yourself later. If you can cut things out of your diet like soda or any other product that is filled with high fructose corn syrup, you will be half way there. Our bodies don’t know how to process high fructose corn syrup and fail to let us know when we’ve had enough (I would say it’s before you even purchase it). Ever wander why you can drink a 2 liter soda in one sitting? Do yourself a favor and start taking small steps in living a better and healthier life.

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