How high can a palm tree grow?



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    There are many different varieties of palm trees which grow to varrying heights. There are tree that grow to 6-8 ft, 15-25 ft, and some that grow up to 50ft. But the tallest of the palms can get to be 50 ft tall.

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    The height of a palm tree will vary be which particular species of tree it is.  Palms can range from a max height of only 8ft (Lady Palm Trees) to almost 229 feet hight (The Wax Palm).  Palms tend to thrive in hot climates and full sunlight, and will continue to grow throughout their life, living up to 150 years for some species.  

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    The tallest palm tree species is the wax palm, which can grow up to 70m (just under 230ft), at least according to a very detailed report from a 4th grade class in Columbia.  See their tree report here

    However, according to the travelblog website, there is a palm tree in Sao Paulo, Brazil that is 416 feet tall.

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