how to help the enviroment?



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    There are many, many ways to change your personal behavior in the interest of helping out the environment. A little bit can really go a long way..

    First, don’t use electricity when you don’t need it. When you’re leaving a room, shut the light off. If you have power strips, shut them off or unplug them when you’re not using any appliances that are plugged into them. A lot of us waste so much electricity in these ways without even realizing it.

    If you’re going somewhere that’s relatively close to your house and you’re not in a hurry, walk there or use your bike. Not only does this eliminate unwanted emissions, but it also saves you money on gas and gives you a form of exercise.

    Don’t buy bottled water. Opt for a reusable water/beverage bottle instead, and take that with you to school, work, and other places where you’d normally buy bottled water. This saves you money, and it eliminates a huge source of waste in our everyday lives–bottled water accounts for 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year, which takes 47 million gallons of oil to produce. Opt for reusable, cloth shopping bags instead of plastic ones, which are also a huge source of waste and hazard for the environment.

    These are just some simple methods most of us can use to help reduce our personal waste. I’m sure several other members will be happy to provide you with their own tips as well!

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    Helping the environment means taking care of the environment and preventing its demise. There are many ways to help the environment and here are just some of the many ways you can help.

    1.  Prevent energy leaks at home.  To prevent the energy leaks seal up cracks and openings that allow the air in and out. By sealing up the leaks your home would stay warmer during the winters and cooler during the summers. Your electicity bill will also be reduced saving  you money.

    2. Switch your light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs. Save energy and save money!

    3. Use a low-flow shower head and not only will you conserve water but you will also conserve energry

    4. Use your organic waste as enrichment for the soil which will be a good fertilizer for your plants also. Create a compost pile to place all your banana peels, egg shells, grass clippings, and etc. By doing so you will reduce the energy used to burn the waste. 

    5. Plant trees and plants.Trees are not only beautiful to look at but also trap CO2 emissions which cause global warming. Trees and plants produce nice and clean oxygen, reduce noise pollution, keep our homes cool, and increase property value.

    6. Turn off lights and electronic devices when they are not in use in order to conserve energy.

    7. Recycle, reduce, and reuse. By following these three simple methods products will not go to polluting earth’s land and water but will be in constant use.

    8. Carpool, ride a bike or take the bus if you want to get somewhere. This will cut down the amount of pollutants and reduce the amount of gas used.

    For further information please take the time out to look at this website. Thank you for caring about the environment!

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