How healthy is rabbit meat, compared to things like beef and chicken?



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    Rabbit’s probably comparable, health-wise, to other meats, perhaps a little healthier. The advantage to rabbit is that they’re generally not fed things it’s unnatural for them to eat, as feedlot cattle is fed corn rather than being grazed, and rabbit meat tends to be quite lean (have a lower fat content).

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    A three ounce serving of rabbit meat contains up to 28g of protein. This is more protein than in similar sized portions of beef or chicken. They are also a great source of iron, phosphorus, and potassium. Rabbit is also typically low in calories. The same 3oz serving has only 147 calories.  Additionally, raising rabbits is a bit easier on the environment. 6lbs of rabbit meat can be raised on the same amount of feed that it takes to produce 1lb of beef! They are also substantially quicker to raise. A “fryer” rabbit is harvested at only 3 months old.

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