How is Healthcare tied to sustainability?



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    Sustainability (or sustainable developement) is based on three sectors, Environmental, Social, and Economical. Healthcare falls under the social spectrum, but the point is these three things are all interelated (if you look up sustainable developement, you will see them arranged in a ven diagram with three circles).

    Sustainable developement involves enacting economic policy that promotes economic growth (today), while also considering social factors (such as healthcare) and environmental factors (most notably greenhouse emissions reductions). In order to have sustainable developement, we must have policy that works not only today, but will also work for future generations.

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    Stark, readily avaliable localized medicine is an integral part of a sustainable community. Without proper medical practices, failure of any society without adequate healthcare is almost gauranteed. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    I agree. Moreover, I would say that as we look to lead more sustainable lifestyles when it comes to food and health, we not only benefit the environment, but we benefit ourselves.  Our healthcare system has to move away from reactive measures in which we let ourselves get sick, and promote a healthy living and become more preventatitve. Both the environment and healthcare should be set up in a way that promote a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t simply react to problems, but prevents them from happening.


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