How have you personally helped the environment?



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    I think the best thing I am doing for the environment is not driving.  I walk or bike everywhere I go.  I’m also making an effort to buy as much local food as possible (which helps because if my food doesn’t have to travel as far to reach me, it’s not producing as many greenhouse gas emissions on the way there).  I also recycle and carry reusable grocery bags.

    Here is a list of some practical ways to help the environment, too.

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    I am a big advocate for recycling.  I recently started composting and that has been very rewarding, as I’m also growing a small plant and herb garden with the compost matter.  Unfortunately living in the suburbs and having to commute distances for stores and other daily activities, biking or walking is not an option, but I do carpool whenever possible.

    Attached is some information on composting.

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    I am a college student and I bike to school everyday instead of driving to school. This helps reduce emissions from car engines that could contribute to air pollution or global warming. I also recycle anything that I can find that is recyclable. 

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    I drive a hyrbid and try to limit the amount of electricity that I use in my home. Almost all of my appliances are energy efficient, and I try not to leave on unnecessary lights/electronics. Since I live in Southern California, it’s a little hard to ride my bike everywhere, so a hybrid is the next best thing. Hopefully our public transportation system improves in the upcoming years! 

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    I recycle and compost. During the growing season, I work with a university environmental organization, maintaining campus and my personal gardens, volunteering at the local farmers’ market and canvassing neighborhoods. I wrote many college papers on environmental topics, including my B.A. thesis on the aspects that factor in the success or failure of student environmental groups. I volunteered in Ecuador, reforesting part of the cloud forest and caring for organic coffee plantations and vegetable gardens. I used to live in Detroit, where a bus system was in place and where it was easier to bike or walk due to proximity of the places I needed to go. Now, in the suburbs, it’s more difficult, but I hope to move soon to a city with great public transportation. I’m also a vegetarian. I sign petitions, make phone calls and write blurbs regarding various environmental issues. I basically just try to be aware and to network ideas with other people.

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