How have we used media outlets to improve environmental awareness?



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    Media outlets have been used to promote environmental awareness by running various ads or commercials that convey information about the environment and steps we can take to help ease the impact of humans on the planet. On tv there are some commercials that show a water bottle and it remains center screened and goes from inside a car to a landfill. The caption is ’45 mins in a car, a lifetime in a landfill’. This shows people to drink water from reusable bottles or tap sources instead of bottles to save and reuse resources. 

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    New media such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed for user generated content and have more people promote events and actions as opposed to simply leaving it up to those who control media outlets.  For better or for worse, the Internet allows for everyone to express their concerns, and for more people to become aware of causes. As well, more and more blogs pop up and can focus on the environment, and link to others in order to increase traffic and the flow of information.

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