How have we made having babies more green?



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    There are many ways that having babies has become more green.  First, there are now green diapers available, which are either flushable or washable.  The incidence of diaper waste within our landfills is quite  high so I would encourage using diapers such a these.  Also, clothing for children can be recycled, many used children’s clothing stores have emerged, and you can also buy recycled clothing.  Finally, organic products for children have become more prevalent and available for purchase.

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    There are companies out there who diaper service as well, so you can actually purchase cloth diapers and reuse them to limit the amount of materials demanded for diapers as an industry.

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    There is no reason why having babies shouldn’t be green, as it is one of the oldest and most ancient processes on earth, and life itself would not exist without it. I think you are referring to waste created by a hospital stay, or perhaps you’re referring to the production and use of pharmaceutical drugs, which are not always “green.” Many women, including my own mother, choose to have children in birthing centers rather than hospitals, or they choose to have a natural birth with the help of a midwife, and without medication. Many mothers also choose to use cloth diapers rather than purchasing disposables, which are wasteful and expensive. Many mothers are also raising their children to be vegan and vegetarian, and are having healthy vegan pregnancies.

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    As the previous answers have stated, we now have a whole spectrum of choices. We can choose now to live a green lifestyle and be an environmentally-conscious mom. There are companies out there who cater to this niche such as Seventh Generation who provides a wide range of products from eco-friendly diapers to laundry detergent. There are companies like Kate Quinn who sell organic baby clothes free of harmful synthetic materials. Lastly, there are companies like who sell eco-friendly furniture for your children such as cribs.

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