How have we changed our thoughts since the idea of sustainability has come about?



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    If ACDC were coming back, they’d be back in green instead of back in black. Why? Because green is the new color of cool, the new social issues of the in-crowd. This means that we have changed our attitudes, and our views have a slightly greener hue now that we’ve learned all that we have about sustainability. But one problem is the fact that some suggest it might just be a surface change. Are the T-shirts sold in Walgreens that sport the phrases “Go Green” and “Recycle” really environmentally friendly? Do we really care about the environment, or do we just want to be cool? Of course, some of our attitudes have really changed genuinely. This is especially true because much of the green lifestyle actually affects us and our bottom line–such as through gas prices and electricity bills, but to determine whether or not our attitudes have really changed will take time and evidence.

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