How have humans hurt the environment so badly?



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    This question deserves a 1000 page document for an answer. This is a very short summary, not remotely considering the depths of this question.  To start, humans have always been the masters of all animal species at altering their surrounding environment to meet immediate needs. People have also developed a keen ability to understand the dynamics of our surroundings. With innovation came more and more comfortable lives. It just so happened that the majority of our innovation all came within a very short time span. The industrial revolution and the agricultural revolution were essentially the beginning of a massive experiment on the earth without a control. People have been so overwhelmed over the years of the benefits of things such as fossil fuel consumption and fertilizers, that we have been blinded of the possible negative effects on the environment. There are many good books on the subject. My personal favorite which addresses the environmental effects of what we eat is The Omnivore‚Äôs Dillema by Michael Polan, an innovator in public awareness.

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    We have of course directly effected and significantly changed the environment. However, there is a specific act that has hurt the Earth that was easily avoidable but hardly irrevocable. That is the pollution of plastic.  Plastic does not disappear quickly, and it accumulates easily. In fact, scientists have discovered a so called field of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean that may be as large as the state of Texas. It is an accumulation of garbage over the years is hurting the ecosystem. It is a sign of laziness and waste.

    Yes, everything man has done has hurt the environment in a way, but life is certainly better for those living today than during and prior to the Industrial Revolution. Not every act of man is bad, but many are easily avoidable and all too many are careless.

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