How have the green bikeways in San Francisco encouraged more people to ride?



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    Yes, the bikeways have encouraged more and more people to ride!  The San Francisco Bike Coalition, a organization of over 12,000 members, states that between 2006 and 2010, they saw an increse of 58% of people riding their bikes.  A David Binder Poll from 2009 said 7 in 10 people living in San Francisco rode their bike.  Statistics like these are great to see!  Hopefully more and more cities will create bikeways that are just as successful!

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    Bikeways can help people who are timid about cycling to ride. However, I think that education is an even better way to get more people to ride. Knowing your rights on the road and learning how to deal with motorists when you are smaller than them is very important. The League of American Bicyclists (Formerly the League of American Wheelmen) has been educating people on safe bicycling for years. Their original course was called “effective cycling” and now it is called “smart cycling.” My dad was an effective cycling instructor, so I got the talk several times as a kid. As a result, I am not afraid of riding my bicycle anywhere.

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