How have government subsidies for agriculture in the US contributed to the obesity problem?



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    The government gives huge subsidies for the farming of corn.  Corn is used in almost every product found in the super market.  Corn is used to make fructose, high fructose corn syrup and ascorbic acid to name a few.  High fructose corn syrup in sodas, snacks etc. contributes greatly to the increasing obesity problem in the U.S.  Having your diet consist of a large amount of high calorie snack foods and sodas increases the risk of Type II Diabetes, heart attack, and high cholesterol.  People clearly have a choice in what they eat, but the low-cost, high calorie, high fat foods that are so common in today’s grocery stores are not helping America’s obesity problem.  

    I would recommend watching the documentary Food Inc. to learn more about government subsidies and how only a few companies reign over food production in the U.S.

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