How to have a good body and well build body?

Im 16 and im thinking its time to have a healthy life.My weight is only 54kg which i think not very “good”.Im thinking to have 6 packs and gain my weight until 63kg.Got any advice how to stay healthy and build muscle?



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    Eat healthy, fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains and get plenty of aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

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    You need cardiovascular exercise like running, biking, or walking fast to build endurance and a healthy heart and lungs. Weight training, like pull-ups, sit-ups and lifting weights builds specific muscle groups–like your future six pack. 

    Keep track of your progress and be sure to eat well and get enough sleep. Since you want to gain weight and build muscle you want to make sure you eat enough, and lots of protein. And do NOT forget to stretch and warm-up, or you can risk getting injured and not be able to do anything while you heal.

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    Though what you eat does affect your health, it is also important to note how much you eat, how often, and when.  The saying eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper is actually good advice.  Eating our biggest meals at the start of the day allows us to use the food as energy.  What’s more, eating smaller meals more frequently is a sure way to prevent over eating and the lethargy that follows it.  If you are truly interested in changing your eating and health habits I would recommend reading one of Michael Pollan’s books, Food Rules. It helps you understand more about the relationship between your body and food.

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    A good diet, including plenty of protein to help your muscles heal, fruits, vegetables and healthy carbs as well.  Food is fuel, so you want to eat what your body can use and what it needs.

    You can work with weights (upper one day, lower the next or both one day, rest the next), but do cardio everyday.  You don’t have to think of your cardio as having to do a workout, just do things like biking, hiking, soccer, surfing, snow-boarding, volleyball, just move your body and get your heart rate up.  You can stretch or do yoga as well.

    Make sure you get plenty of rest as well.

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