How have the decisions of our past presidents hurt our environment today?



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    Yes. More recently because presidents like George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan did not believe in climate change and actively worked to push a pro-business political agenda. Particularly Bush Jr. weakened the Clean Air Act when he renewed it in 2003. And Bush refused to allow the US to recognize that carbon dioxide is one of our most troubling pollutants, allowing industries to be more polluting. In addition, he repealed laws enacted in the Clinton administration to increase wilderness and tried to open more land, including the Arctic Wilderness to oil and gas drilling.

    Prior to Nixon’s enacting the EPA and the Love Canal incidents, the science was there to prove that we were damaging the earth as much, so its harder to prove. But by approving expansion into wilderness, fighting wars, like WWII and fostering polluting industries, that by the way, made the US the world power, past presidents hurt our environment today. This includes both Roosevelts, who oversaw huge expansions of industry even while they took steps to protect our wilderness and resources for future generations.

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    Not only was President Bush pro business, but by doing nothing he has wasted 8 years of funding, innovation, and dialogue that could have helped the environment.  Moreover, he instilled in many people an idea that there is nothing wrong, and that climate change is a matter that is still up for debate.  He has hindered the process, and wasted a great deal of time with an issue that is very time sensitive.

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