How have cars destroyed the environment?



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    I wouldn’t say that cars have destroyed the environment, but they have certainly made quite an impact.  A large portion of the co2 emissions every year are from cars, which contributes to global warming.  Cars also require a lot of materials to make, which takes energy and resources.  Also, in order to drive a car you need a road, and roads cover a lot of ground that may have otherwise been green. I think it is also worthy of noting all the animals and people that cars injure and kill.  


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    I agree.  Cars are a part of environmental damage, but they are not the majority and not the only culprit. It is easy to attack the car industry and those that drive hummers, but it is worse for the environment to sustain a meat-eating diet.  Cars are easily targeted, and while they don’t help, they aren’t the only polluters. And I would be careful not to say that the environment is ‘destroyed.’ The environment has changed, and will be fine–it is the people living on the Earth that are in trouble because we are creating an environment that may not sustain us all.

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