How has the word “tax” become such a bad word? Don’t taxes pay to provide all the freedoms, protections, services, and other things that make America great?



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    Taxes are bad because they take away an individual’s ability to make economic decisions by themselves. For example, I may not want to pay for a war in Iraq or a public park down the street, but I am forced to when I pay my taxes to the government. Taxes don’t provide freedom; they reduce it. Taxes do, however, pay for government goods and services. Children are all provided free education, communities are provided police and firemen, and everyone social security. However, only a portion of the taxes paid in go to those services themselves. A large portion of the taxes actually go to bureaucracy–employee salaries, political pamphlets, etc, which some would argue is an inefficient use of tax money. So essentially, taxes take away your ability to decide for yourself what freedoms, goods, and services you want/want to pay for, and by going through the government middleman, raises the costs of all the above.

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    I think tax has become such a bad word because of both political parties’ trashing the other whenever a tax is proposed by either side. Even though Republicans are supposed to be the more fiscally conservative party, they spent way too much money during the most recent Bush years and at the same time cut taxes for the upper class, which left with no way to pay for what they consumed. Both parties are guilty of reckless spending and bureaucratic clutter but neither side is willing to trim the fat.

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