How has the United States become more sustainable in the last 10 years?



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    The U.S. has been taken multiple measures in the past ten years to become more sustainable.  At the beginning of the millennium the U.S. decided at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) to partner with other nations to work on creating a sustainable environment.  At WSSD the five top environmental priorities were set: water, energy, health, agriculture, and biodiversity.  On a national level America stated that they intended to “work in partnership with governments, the private sector and NGOs to achieve sustainable development initiatives to reduce the number of people living without safe drinking water; enhance access to clean energy, reduce hunger and increase agricultural productivity; ensure universal access to basic education; stem AIDS and reduce TB and malaria; and manage and conserve forests and oceans.” 

    Since the conference the U.S. was worked to abide by their vows.  The Environmental Protection Agency says that they are using advances in science and technology in combination with government regulations to protect public health, and promote green business.  The second link below leads to the EPA website, which lists actions recently taken by the U.S. to better the environment.

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    One way that shows that the U.S. has began addressing sustainability issues is through setting criteria for “green building.” The US Green Building Council is a non-profit organization that was established based on the committment to sustainability. LEED was developed in 1994 and has since then increased their expectations and standards in measuring sustainability with what is called the “LEED Rating System.” Today, many universities (especially architecture schools) are educating students and faculty about LEED and many professionals in the architecture and construction industry have sought to become LEED-certified professionals in support of sustainability.

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