How has the transportation industry in America been improved in the past 10 years?



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    Transportation, as with other sectors, has continued to grow and change. Though not as drastic as the beginning of the 19th century transportation is changing everyday. Bio-diesel and electric vehicles have become an accepted norm. Although they do not dominate vehicles these green types of vehicles have steadily be gaining acceptance and popularity.

    Aviation has also taken a similar step. In Feb 2008 Virgin Atlantic successfully completed a flight using part bio-diesel.

    Also in the last decade the segway was invented adding mobility and speed to people normally on foot. The segway was designed to improve the lives and capabilities of people in large cities. Segway’s are also used highly by police and security and for tours around various towns.

    Space flight has also changed in the last decade in that it is now going private. Before 2004 all space flight had been conducted by various governments around the world. In June of 2004 that all changed when SpaceShipOne completed the first privately funded spaceflight opening the door for the privatization of space flights.

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