How has the tourism industry in the United States tried to become more green?



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    Some U.S. cities have established green tourism organizations in an effort to attract environmentally conscious visitors. For example, Boston Green Tourism works with businesses in the city, encouraging them to take actions that promote sustainability. The company helps visitors find environmentally sound hotels and restaurants and suggests areas of the city with they can partake in nature-based recreation activities. Another city guiding the green tourism industry in the U.S. is Chicago. It offers a variety of hospitality and sightseeing opportunities, including numerous parks and museums, as well as tours of the Chicago Center for Green Technology. Businesses throughout the country may become green-certified though the organization Green Seal ( Each type of industry has different prerequisites to meet before being qualified to apply. If the application is approved, there is an evaluation process lasting about half a year. Upon being granted the Green Seal Certification, the business is subject to periodic check-ups to ensure that green standards are being up kept. 

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