How has technology hurt the environment?



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    By production of the electronics and various devices we use. new chemicals and components we use daily end up unusable and in a trash heap somewhere. the production of these items pollute and the waste of these items pollute. 

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    Technology has allowed us to have many conveniences and means for communication. However, it has taken away our connection with nature. In more rural areas and countries, where people have less technology, they go out of doors to enjoy nature, they respect nature and the local animals, and they understand a lot of natural processes and traditional medicines, etc. As technology increases children spend more time in the house playing video games or computer games and do not go outside to enjoy the fresh air and natural world. Technology has definitely decreased our love and understanding for the natural world.

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    Technology has made society much more consumer-based.  People are constantly trying to keep up with the latest devices, and this means that more products are going into landfills when they are replaced by newer models.  Advances in technology lead to more pollution, and often more destruction to the planet.

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    I think technology has hurt the environment in 2 ways. The first being the shear amount of waste that is piled up in garbage dumps and landfills- even though it could be recycled! What really sticks out in my mind are cell phones- how many I’ve gone though since getting my first. I have a suspicion that they are purposely designed to only have a 1-3 year lifespan… especially the new ones! (Smart phones being 3 month or so lifespan) so that you HAVE to buy a new one, renew your contract, etc. 

    The other way I think technology has hurt the environment is that it has made people very very lazy and spoiled. This is exhibited by the mass amounts of electronic garbage, but also modern conveniences that aren’t completely necessary add up to a lot of waste and pollution. I’m talking about air conditioning, cars, fans, microwaves, bottled water and plastic to go cups and containers just to begin the list. I’m starting to realize more and more how dependent I myself am on these conveniences, and I’m trying my best to wean myself off of them. 

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    I think there are definite pros and cons for technology and how it has impacted the environment. In terms of cars, the majority of our nation uses cars very frequently, which in turn has an effect on the environment by the amount of gas we consume. The way the earth becomes polluted because of technology is a big issue. 

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