how has technology changed communications in todays work world?

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    Instead of just travel, mail and phone, businesses today are communicating with each other increasingly via cellular phones and the Internet. Newer technologies like video conferencing has helped reduce their need for travel, also helping their budget. For those people who still do travel, they can be reached more easily with cellular phones. If they need to get a last-minute memo or document, they can with their phone or their email. Technology has revolutionized the way people do business.

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    Technology has put communication from in-person and paper form to electronic forms as stated above.  Because of the ease of instant electronic communication, companies are able easily access a globalized market.  Some can argue that technology has made doing business easier, but when you have to go through thousands of emails every day, that argument could be reputed.

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    I think technology has also helped businesses to run longer. Computer technology has allowed people to work whenever they want. You no longer have to have someone on the other end to call over the phone. With email and fax you can send stuff to people anytime of the day. You can also access information without needing to talk to a person. 

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    Moreovers, businesses are using new media to get out their company’s messages and products. Instead of simply using television, company’s advertise on social media websites, and use twitter to send out announcements. Businesses vary, but there availability and immediacy of new technology has allowed everyone to send out and receive information much more quickly.

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    Unfortunately, it has led to less human contact.  We could definitey argue over whether or not that is ulitmately a good thing if we were discussing the merits of a flight across the country to meet clients versus an Internet-powered meeting; however, in most offices, the e-mail has replaced almost all inter-office communication, even that which doesn’t have to be written.  That is probably bad.

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