How has social media been used to make the world a greener place?



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    I think this question can be answered in one word: reach. Social media has the power and capability to reach millions of people in literally, a click of a button and for very little to basically no cost whatsoever.  What’s more is that large organizations and individual people have the same reach so your neighbor Joe can spread his message the same as the WWF or PETA.  This gives power to the individual and helps spread the word.  Even if PETA had a certain number of supporters before the start of social media they didn’t necessarily know about each other.  Now, with things like Twitter and Facebook, people can communicate, rally and share ideas across the block, across states and even across the world giving even more truth to the saying ‘two heads are better than one’.  The more heads talking and sharing ideas, the more chance there is for not only new projects and ideas but better projects and ideas so that we are constantly moving forward and making strides in the helping/saving the environment.     

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    I completely agree with rn4fldhcky’s answer! Social media can reach so many people and within seconds. This is especially powerful when you want to reach the younger demographics and unique niches. There are even several green social networks for the enviromentally-minded such as:

    • – helps the user reduce their carbonfootprint
    • – a community site for for climate-changing advocates
    • – an add-on to your browser that updates you on global warning updates

    And much more! Other ways social media has been used is inspiring people to become green, at least in some ways. Popular places like Youtube and Pinterest can inspire people to go/buy organic and share the word.

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    Social media helps to promote environmental events and volunteerism. I think it also helps hold companies accountable to their actions, especially greenwashing. People can coordinate boycotts, as well as encourage friends to write to congressmen about environmental issues and sign petitions. Utilizing social media to spread messages helps to motivate people more because they want to support their friends and trust the people they are getting their information from. Social media also helps more local issues to get the support and attention necessary to make changes. 

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