How has radioactivity benefited man?



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    Radioactivity has benefited man in many ways. Carbon dating can tell how old a rock or material is by the amount of radioactive decay. Radioactivity gave us insight to the nuclear world when it was investigated more in depth. The atomic bomb and thus the power to completely obliterate ourselves and other life on this earth came with radioactivity being studied by scientists and the manhattan project. Radioactivity is actually a pretty necessary thing to have in nature, just not healthy in large doses to life forms such as animals.

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    The biggest way in which radioactvity has benefitted man is in the sun. As we all know, the sun is nothing more than a gigantic nuclear reactor. And without it, we simply wouldn’t exist,

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    X-rays are a form of radiation, and it’s very useful for seeing what’s going on inside of us. Also, any radiotherapy treatment for cancer involves radioactivity.

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