How has the oil from the gulf oil spill entered into the food chain?



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    Oil in the Gulf of Mexico enters the food chain at the very bottom rung, through microscopic bacteria that feed on it.  These bacteria in turn are food for other zooplankton, which are food for a variety of sea creatures, including small fish, jelly fish and whales.  With such an advantageous access point, oil has the potential to infiltrate the entire food web.  Even creatures killed by the intake of oil could still be eaten, and thus could also represent a ground-level entrance for oil into the food chain.

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    Like maddie said, oil enters the food chain at the bottom, and has a domino effect. Besides the bacteria she mentioned, they also effect grasses and plankton that other animals depend on for food. According to one ecologist, the destruction that the oil is causing to the cordgrasses is the most significant harmful effect. Cordgrass not only feeds some animals, but as the most prevalent vegetation in the area, it also hold the shoreline together as a vital factor in preventing erosion.

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