How has Obama been calling on American citizens to get involved with the oil spill and everything surrounding it.



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    Through his speeches and public appearances, President Obama has been employing a wide range of approaches to rally American citizens around the Gulf oil spill. Although he has acknowledged that short-term solutions (as far as repairing the well, and paying reparations) lies mainly with BP as well as with segments of the American government, he has still identified ways that ordinary can help the Gulf coast recover, as well as help prevent future catastrophes. 

    These include:

    • volunteering or donating to help families, individuals, and small businesses stricken by the crisis;
    • supporting legislative proposals to limit deepwater drilling and promote a cleaner energy and more energy-efficient economy;
    • making consumer and purchasing decisions that hold companies like BP accountable and responsible for their environmental footprint; and
    • taking steps to reduce oil consumption, and lessen America’s dependence on fossil fuels.
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