How has Las Vegas tried to make the strip more eco friendly?



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    Las Vegas is implementing a cost of $9 million construction to make hotels more green. They are also in the process creating a Las Vegas green hotel. According to 

    Harrah’s Paris Las Vegas Puts Steam to Good Use
    The Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino is more than hot when it comes to gaming and entertainment. Underground boiler rooms at this property generate enormous heat waves as they work to control water and power in the building. The hotel uses the heat to deliver hot water and to power emergency generators for use during electrical outages.

    Efficient Glitz and Glam
    Many eco-friendly hotels in Vegas are making the most of energy-efficient light bulbs. In a city that lights up the desert horizon at night, millions of light bulbs provide an enormous drain on power resources. Hotels like the Paris, Caesars, and Rio have replaced old-style bulbs with efficient lighting that lasts up to five times longer. Although not all lights can be replaced with the energy-friendly variety, hotel staff reports they make an effort to change bulbs in any location where a change would not diminish guest experience.

    Double the Carbon Footprint Reduction
    The Doubletree Hotel located at the Las Vegas Airport goes above switching out light bulbs. They attempt to stock rooms and guest areas with a number of energy-saving items. Televisions, microwaves and kitchen equipment at the hotel are Energy Star-compliant, so guests can reduce the carbon footprint of their Vegas stay. Guests can also catch a shuttle from the airport to the MGM casino, reducing the fuel waste of taking multiple cabs downtown.

    LEED-Certified Buildings
    The upscale Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino is certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Although accommodations are roomier at this resort than others on the strip, the hotel is designed to reuse waste energy, reduce environmental impact and operate some areas as self-sustaining. Guests can enjoy a luxurious and stylish experience without guilt, as the Palazzo operates as one of the top eco-friendly hotels in Vegas.

    Eco-Friendly Hotels for the Non-Gamer
    There are many Las Vegas hotels available for families or tourists who do not want to spend most of their time gambling. If you are traveling through Vegas or planning to visit sites like the Hoover Dam or the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, you might consider a stay at the Courtyard Marriott. The hotel is certified as Energy Star-compliant by the EPA and provides an option that fits into many family budgets.


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