How has the internet helped the environmental movement?



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    Using the internet, sending emails anything that would consume paper you would save using the internet. You save plenty of materials that you could use in your every day life like CD’s, DVDs. If you think about it the internet helps out alot.

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    The Internet has helped the environmental movement in many ways.

    The Internet allows printed material to be distributed very quickly without the use of paper. People can be emailed or read a website or blog and receive all of the necessary information, including pictures and additional links, without a single tree being cut.

    The Internet also has allowed people to communicate and connect with other people of similar interests. This has helped local, national, and international movements to begin for the sake of the environment and conservation.

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    The Internet has been a great organizing tool making global protests a possibility. Check out to see how the first such protest took off last fall.

    The Internet has also made it easier to monitor remote regions of the globe. Researchers studying the lakes of remote regions of Africa, can set up sensors and monitor them from thousands of miles away at Woods Hole. This is much more cost effective than paying to keep researchers in Africa to constantly check equipment.

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    I think the Internet has been essential in aiding the environmental movement – it has spread awareness and knowledge to a very great extent. The promotion of green living has been promoted through ads, blogs, and websites. The Internet has also enabled people to connect in ways never before seen, adding to the awareness spread. 

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