How has the illegal drug trade between Mexico and America hurt the environment?



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    Well, first of all, the enormous profits tracked into corrupted municipal governments surrounding the Sierra Madre Occidental Forest (one of the most ecologically diverse areas in North America) is a huge contributor to increasing deforestation of that forest, which also means severe habitat loss for the forest’s thousands of organisms. The North American logging industry has deep, well-established ties to the drug organization, as both profit from the creation of secret roads which are used for drug trafficking and illegal logging.

    Drug enforcement can actually worse the negative environmental effects of the Mexican-American drug trade, as enforcement forces crop growers to have shorter crop cycles with massive turnover, resulting in more exhausted, incultivatable earth across the Mexican countryside.

    More detailed explanations of these effects and others can be found at the article cited below.

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    Along with the issues listed above, there is an enormous amount of energy that goes into fighting drug trafficking. This involves buildings, planes, helicopters, cars and many other pollutive activities. Also, it goes without saying that all this attention put towards illegal drug trafficking is attention that could be put towards finding more sustainable food sources or any other number of environmental issues. 

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