How has the green movement helped improve economic growth?



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    That depends on whether you are trying to measure GDP or actual quality of life. GDP itself does not include many of the things the green movement has created. Every time someone plants a garden with seeds that they saved from the previous year, this helps that person’s standard of living as well as the standard of living for his/her friends who get all the extra vegetables that the gardener cannot eat. However, it is not measured by economists because no money exchanges hands.

    Time banks are one major example of how people can help the environment and improve their standard of living without growing the officially measured economy. However, the economy is always improved when people focus on doing what they do best.

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    Another important benefit that the green movement has had on our economy is in creating new jobs and industries out of green technology.  People are willing to invest in things like green technology and green building, both because they perceive them as things that really matters and because they see it as a smart investment.  Moreover, the green movement has drawn a great deal of attention to local producers, which means that individuals are investing more in their own economy, rather than in foreign economies, and gaining independence from foreign markets.

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    Like everyone else mentioned, being green has opened up a lot of opportunities for local farmers and growers. Farmer’s markets have become increasingly popular in many communities, and green opportunities continue to develop. In an economy that is in desperate need of more jobs, this industry has been helping to solve that problem. 

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    The green movement has created choices which in turn helps economic growth by circulating money around more people, creating more consumers. Certain green industries such as some alternative energies and some aspects of sustainability do not spurr economic growth in the short term but improve quality of life significantly. Such industries should be considered long term investments for our future generations. The movement has spread significantly in the past 20 years and most likely will create many job oppurtunities before 2020. Transportation, Lifestyle, Urban development, and food will much more option available to a broader public by the end of this decade. This is inreasedly linked to the growth of green patents as well in recent times.

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