How has General Electric become more environmentally friendly?



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    GE has made a number of environmental initiatives to make themselves more eco-friendly and lessen their carbon footprint. So far in 2011, the company has made moves in solar and geothermal energy, and since 2005, GE has run a program called “Ecomagination,” which aims to develop new and clean sources of energy for products like aircraft engines, water purification technologies, and hybrid trains. Driven by ecomagination, GE has produced energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, and their renewable energy initiatives have been linked with the creation of over 10,000 jobs. 

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    Aside from Ecomagination, GE is also investing a great deal of money into green technology. While GE spent $700 million on green research in 2004,  it increased it to $1.4 billion dollars in 2009 with money going into wind turbine research among other forms of green tech.

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