How has the fear of global warming made some companies rich?



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    I think that the simplest way to illustrate this would be with an example. Let’s say public awareness has risen about global warming, this in turn makes politicians more eco-friendly with their bills, because if they won’t go green, they would lose their seat in the government. So these politicians accept “green bills” to help the environment, let’s say the bill contains the mandatory use of water filtering systems for every company in the nation. This means that in a very short period of time the demand for water filters rises, until every company has them installed. Now if you or I, or someone had a company that produced water filters we would get rich very fast thanks to the policy the government followed. 

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    None, because I don’t think it is fair or accurate to claim that companies have “gotten rich” from “fear” of global warming. You could ask a similar question like, “What companies have gotten rich from fear of terrorism?” Blackwater, which provides civilian contractors in Iraq? Autoclear, which manufactures X-ray security scanners for airports? Those answers are not without merit, but the question presupposes that “fear” of terrorism is the driving factor behind what they do. It isn’t, because both of these companies provide services that are needed independently of “fear” of terrorism. So it is with green companies that are working to develop renewable energy resources or carbon sequestration technology. Global warming is real, and it is caused by humans. The scientific consensus on this matter is clear and unassailable. That governments, business interests and individuals around the world are adapting to the reality does not imply a cause-and-effect relationship between those companies’ profits (not all of them are profitable) and the phenomenon of climate change. One could just as easily say that General Motors, who manufactures cars, has gotten rich from “fear” of walking, by supplying a demand for transportation other than walking.

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