How has Environmental Pragmatism changed since its origin?



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    It’s become informed. The digital revolution has made it so more people have access to solid information, and now that more people know that we have harmed the environment, more people are thinking of more ways to be environmentally pragmatic — i.e. good for the earth — non-destructive, and rather — doing what is best for our interests and the environment (we are a part of the environment, it gave birth to us (after God or Allah or a Great Spirit or Creator gave birth to it[?]) ! Pragmatism is doing what is in our best interests. What is environmental pragmatism? (Other than doing the same. Just we have more guidelines to follow, now that we know that there is such thing as a Greenhouse Effect and that there are 188 different harmful substances floating around up in the air at any given moment)… More people are going to be willing to help clean up the mess we made (or our ancestors started)—because all hope is not lost yet!—Not even by a longshot considering our human ingenuity… and our resolve “to live on.” 

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