How has email saved resources?



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    Emai has saved a ton of paper.  However, according to the Guardian, emails  have some impact on the environment also.  The energy required to send and receive our messages can quickly add up.

    According to Guardian “a year’s worth of regular e-mail use — including sending, filtering and reading — results in a carbon footprint of roughly 135 kilograms (about 300 pounds). To put that figure in context, a year’s worth of e-mailing generates as much CO2 as taking a 200-mile car ride.”  Most of this footprint is due to the exorbitant amount of spam mail one has to sift through and filter out each day.

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    Even though e-mail still isn’t 100% eco-friendly, it does save a lot of trees from being chopped down to make paper. I think as time goes on and we come up with new sustainable ways to power our electronics, e-mail will become even more energy efficient. Until then it’s still a viable alternative in terms of saving natural resources. However, printing e-mails is another story and is counter-productive in terms of trying to be eco-friendly. 

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    In addition to saving paper, I believe email saves time, which is an extremely valuable resource to many people (myself included). Making communication faster frees up time for other tasks at the work place and at home. Email is especially great when you can communicate with people in different countries and can include multiple people in a conversation at once, saving lots of time.

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